Has there ever been a better time to do what we do?

Has there ever been a better time to do what we do? 

Having had the privilege to do what we do for 25 years; we’ve certainly seen a lot. From ‘Credit Crunch’ to ‘Global Pandemic’ and ‘Recession Tsunamis’ to Cost-of-Living Crisis’, our media can provide salacious labels for every eventually.  

There is always something going on in the world that will be, by and large out of our control. Be it the weather, war, the stock market, the supermarkets, politicians, the Royals or what our neighbours are doing, there is always plenty to influence our view of the world. 

At Mindspan we have the following belief…to not try to control the world around us, but instead to try and control our response to the world around us. 

What has changed and continues to change is people’s attitude and openness towards mental health, awareness of firstly our own, and secondly other people’s mental wellbeing is firmly on our agenda and in our view here to stay. 

When we began delivering our coaching and training services in the 1990’s, sadly this wasn’t the case, with much less understanding or education in the subject available. High profile cases highlighting the devastating effects of mental suffering, including loneliness during Covid and the impact of social media, has jolted us all into at least thinking about ourselves and others in a different way.  

Employers are engaging with employees proactively, with mental wellness being less about intervention and more about prevention, demonstrating innovative ways to support and encourage collaboration across the workforce.  

Nationally the landscape has changed and continues to change, with famous notoriety including our future King, the Prince of Wales and our boxing heavyweight champion of the world all speaking publicly about their own accounts of mental health. 

We have this month, launched our Mini Mind programme aimed at supporting young minds aged 5 to 11 in Primary Schools, encouraging them to think about themselves and their lives and to consider how they interact with the world around them. 

Our team of coaches and trainers across the UK continue to work with all manner of groups in the corporate and public sector, with specialisms in HR, IT, Sport, Business start up’s, young females and education to name just a few. Coaching 1 to 1 or training in larger groups, delivering our Mindspan competency framework and supporting people with their thinking and in turn their performance. 

Has there ever been a better time to do what we do? 

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