Pam Molyneux bringing Mindspan to the world of HR

Pam Molyneux bringing Mindspan to the world of HR

Pam started with Mindpsan in 2021 having worked in HR for over 20 years and had taken the step to become self-employed a few years prior, with her client base growing, she went looking for something to support the coaching and well-being part of her offer and found Mindspan.

‘’I wanted to formalise my previous coaching experience in the HR arena and found at the core of Mindpsan fundamental principles of psychology, that made it a perfect fit. I studied psychology at A Level which started my interest and then spent years continually asking “why” in an HR capacity, has that employee done this or not done that, so wanted to be able to offer something that could explore this’’

Due to Covid pandemic restrictions, Pam attended her coach training remotely, but this didn’t stop her from passing quickly and turning her attention to her next goal of becoming a Mindspan Trainer.

‘’I loved the coach training, even though it was remote. Gavin is such an easier trainer to listen to and very inclusive. You come away with far more than just a presentation and some notes, there are real-life examples embedded throughout that really put the content into context for you. The digital tools and resources help you follow the methodology, but still, allow for the skill of the coach to make decisions on what a client needs next.’’

Now flat out on her business, Pam is using her Mindspan services to open new doors and leveraging her current group of clients. 

‘’I link the development of management skills that I coach with corporate clients and add in Mindspan tools, this provides my clients, with a much deeper impact. I find myself every day offering extracts from our Mindspan competencies with topics like responsibility, focus or belief. I’m able to weave these in seamlessly around the more traditional matters of, effective disciplinary or appraisals, doing it this way Mindspan compliments everything I offer.’’

2023 is shaping up to be a busy year already, as Pam plans to pass her trainers’ training and will be able to deliver the full range of training products and services for the first time. 

‘’I can’t wait for next year; I just see so many opportunities and I’m already having some great conversations about delivering some short talks to employers and their staff. I have a real passion for helping people move from A to B and in some cases discovering what B is! I’m so pleased I joined the Mindspan team and look forward to working with more people next year.’’

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