Mindspan Method


At Mindspan, we believe we work differently to other Personal Development and Training Organisations. Our team has always been very curious about finding answers to the following questions:

Why do some people get more out of life than others?

Why do some people handle challenges better?


Why are some people more successful than others?

In the 1990’s our founder, Gavin Drake formally started his journey towards answering these questions and over the years his findings have repeatedly taken him into the fields of psychology, thinking, mindset and attitude. So, after concluding that the most important factor for any of us in life is what’s going on in our head he set about creating the Mindspan Triad. This is a framework of 3 psychologies and 9 competencies that are the foundation for all of our coaching and training work with our clients.

THE Mindspan Triad

It’s crucial how you think about your SELF, your LIFE and the WORLD around you every day.

To fulfil your potential it’s important to develop within yourself the following Mindspan competencies

FOCUS, BELIEF, responsibility

If you’re looking for a positive shift in your performance or that of your team, we can be your catalyst for change. For two decades we have been helping individuals and the organisations they constitute to achieve more – imagine what you could accomplish if you had this framework in front of you.


With so many things competing for your attention each day, it’s no wonder you struggle to stay on task. What could you really achieve if your consistent focus was pointing you in the right direction?


Like others, you have limiting beliefs but you also have the ability to create a level of self-belief and confidence that enables you to achieve the goals you set for yourself in your career and life.


Taking genuine responsibility for yourself, your choices and your actions demonstrates the highest level of emotional maturity, and is a most liberating place to be.


Your attitude to life will either inhibit your performance or allow you to flourish. Are you making the most of life’s opportunities available to you?


Are you putting thought in to your life? In years to come when you reflect on what you’ve achieved, do you want to look back with regrets or fulfilment at a life well spent?


How much energy have you already invested without true direction and a destination? Successful people know where they are going, and invest their energies wisely.


Not all stress is unhelpful – the question is how much will you allow in your daily life? Are you experiencing more of the emotions you want to feel or is stress and anxiety sabotaging your life?


How well are you understood and how well do you understand others? A disconnected family, team or workforce comes at great cost. Improving meaningful communication releases major benefits in life and work.


How many people have you sought to influence this week? Your ability to influence other people will have a major impact on your own level of success. Are you getting willing co-operation from those around you?