Mindspan Shorts


Do You Have Less Time Availability To Make A Big Impact? Try Our Mindspan Shorts!
These Are High Impact sessions can be delivered in two key formats:


High impact, 2 hour workshops for up to 10 people. These sessions are interactive with impactful learning, attendees will engage in a number of meaningful exercises throughout. The Shorts range of workshops are a great option for teams.


If you’re looking to reach a bigger audience we also offer our Shorts range as talks of up to 1 hour. These engaging sessions grab attention and provoke learning when you want to develop a larger group.


> Goal Setting | Click To Expand

Learn the importance of goal setting and how to utilise the Mindspan 4×4 method.

> Wellness & Resilience | Click To Expand

Learn how to build the foundations of your wellness and how to create your wellness development plan (WDP) to aid personal resilience.

> Happiness | Click To Expand

Learn what really makes you happy and how to be happier without changing your circumstances.

> Stress Buster | Click To Expand

Learn the source of all stress and the tools for becoming emotionally resilient.

> Confidence Booster | Click To Expand

Learn where your confidence comes from and the tools to build it yourself.

> Getting Focussed | Click To Expand

Learn what getting focussed means and how to focus in ways that create success rather than failure.

> Embracing Change | Click To Expand

Learn why change can be so scary and how to use your brain to embrace it and enjoy change.

> Managing Conflict | Click To Expand

Learn what is at the heart of ALL conflict and how to overcome it.

> Time Management | Click To Expand

Learn how to think about time so that you spend it more wisely and use it more effectively.

> High Performance | Click To Expand

Learn the foundations of high-performance thinking and how to apply this to your own life.

> Presenting With Impact | Click To Expand

Learn how to speak and present to an audience and ENJOY doing it!

Needing To Run The Mindspan Shorts Remotely?

Good news! We are now giving the option to have any package from our business portfolio to be delivered virtually using Microsoft Teams. So if you’re working from home, or looking to run training across multiple locations we can be of assistance.