Life is precious, are you getting the most from it and creating what you really want?
Many people are working hard but don’t feel they’re making progress, too busy ‘doing’ to stop and think about what they want, not investing their time and energy wisely. Our Mindspan Triad framework provides the training and coaching to help you create a fulfilling life.


Are you doing as well as you’d like in life, or would you like to make some changes and improvements? 

Perhaps you feel a little lost and would like guidance and clarity. We can work with you on any and all areas of your life to help you define and achieve specific goals, as well as overcoming obstacles to your personal growth. We aim to help you improve your self awareness, create an empowering identity, and unleash your potential to succeed.

Public Events

Are you getting the best out of yourself, your relationships, or even your team?

You may not be aware, but there’s a direct link between how you think and the results you’re achieving in all aspects of work, career and life.

Unlock true potential in yourself and others by attending one of our public training events.


In need of pressing the pause button?

Our Retreat Weekends look to improve not only your mental wellbeing, but your spiritual and physical too. Our Retreats include all the key Mindspan components from our Public Event Programme, and combine with specialist sessions on meditation, yoga, fitness and nutrition. 

Hosted in the beautiful Norfolk countryside, you’ll feel rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for a new beginning.


Do you want to develop your career as a Coach or Trainer? We are growing our Team and have opportunities for people to join our Licensee Programme. This will enable you to deliver Mindspan content, coach individuals, train teams, and start to help people positively change their thinking!