Dani Coltman

    Meet Dani Coltman

    My entire personal and professional life has been devoted to the charitable sector,
    empowering, inspiring, and educating people from all walks of life and of all ages,
    creating alternative solutions for those who need it most.

    This love and passion to help others want to make changes in their lives in order to
    achieve pure happiness and contentment, along with being very noisy and intrigued by humans, is what has driven me to spend years studying psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, mental health disorders, adversity in childhood, attachment, and trauma.

    Mindspan Coach

    I have faced many hardships and obstacles in my life, but they have only deepened my empathy and humility, which has fuelled my desire to show others how powerful and free we can be by simply changing the way we think. I will apply the skills and knowledge that have been acquired through Mindspan training as well as my dedication in order to coach those who are having difficulty with their personal and professional relationships, their mental and physical health, or a general hunger for a better and more fulfilling life. My coachees will adopt a brand-new perspective on themselves, their lives, and the world around them by
    regaining their right to feel true joy and gratitude within themselves while developing a fresh enthusiasm for the outside world.
    With extensive experience working with young people, I would love to impact their current and future selves as well as those around them. I hope to achieve this by providing them with the self-assurance, courage, and confidence they need to thrive
    and feel empowered.