Tom Harvey

Meet Tom Harvey

Tom has spent over 15 years as a multi-business owner and board director, experiencing the highs and lows that come with entrepreneurship. His main business in the construction industry has grown from a team of 1 to 20 employees, serving diverse clients and delivering a wide range of projects across the UK. While he can geek out over spreadsheets and profit and loss accounts, he thrives on being in the midst of everything, tackling conflicts head-on to reach resolutions.


For Tom, problems in business are exciting opportunities for improvement when handled correctly. He has successfully built and implemented systems and processes in his own businesses as well as for others. His true passion lies in helping people make the most of their time, so that they can achieve their goals and create an exceptional lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones. Rather than feeling deprived and controlled by time, Tom believes in embracing it and loving every moment.

Tom understands the value of good health, having undergone serious operations throughout his life due to a rare health condition. He maintains a well-balanced lifestyle through proper nutrition, Crossfit, and spending quality time with the right people in the right places, which keeps his mental and physical health in excellent shape. Above all, he is dedicated to inspiring people to