How Self Talk Impacts Self Esteem (Ciara Coffey)

I find it crazy that we think we can talk negatively about our bodies and then expect them to feel and look good exactly when we want them to? 

It’s like saying to a child, I will only love you when you’re perfect, and until then, I will ridicule you, disrespect you, be ashamed of you, and tell you that you’re completely unworthy, but I still want you to show up for me, make me look good, and change exactly the way I want. 

A better approach would be to support the child, or yourself in this instance with love, kindness, understanding, acceptance, compassion, and patience. 

If you want something to change, you need to be nicer to yourself and treat yourself with the love you deserve instead of punishing yourself out of fear. 

Changing because you love and respect yourself and because you DESERVE to feel good, feels very different from hating and shaming yourself into change, which, let’s be honest, rarely works and never feels good. 

One last thing- you can accept and love yourself the way you are now, and still want to change something. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel your best and taking action to do this. You deserve to feel good. You deserve the time, investment, effort, and care. 

Ciara x