Gavin Drake

Meet Gavin Drake

Gavin is the Mindspan Founder, Mental Performance Consultant, Trainer and Coach for over two decades helping organisations, teams and individuals fulfil their potential.

Gavin’s specialism is applying our performance principles in any sector and to people from any background.

Mindspan Director, Coach, Trainer & Consultant

Gavin Drake is the innovative mind behind Mindspan, a groundbreaking initiative focused on enhancing mental performance and productivity. As the founder, he has harnessed his passion for understanding the human mind to create strategies that empower individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential. Gavin’s extensive background in psychology and neuroscience, coupled with his personal experiences, have shaped his unique approach to cognitive enhancement. With a firm belief in the limitless potential of the human mind, Gavin continues to push boundaries in the field of mental performance, helping others unlock their own paths to success. His work at Mindspan is testament to his commitment to fostering a world where mental agility and resilience are not just admired, but actively cultivated.