Top 6 Reasons why Mindspan is the PERFECT option for you…

When it comes to mindset coaching and training it can be tricky to know the best way to get upskilled and maximise value for yourself, your team or your organisation. Partnering with Mindspan could be the perfect option for you.  

Here are the top 6 reasons why: 

1. Our training materials have been developed to ensure they have an impact on your clients’ lives. We only partner with professionals who are dedicated to delivering results that make a difference.  

2. We provide all the right amount of support, without smothering you or taking away your own style of delivery and teaching methods. This allows you to develop relationships with your clients, while we deliver the necessary resources in the background.  

3. Our licencing is designed to be flexible and can be applied across all sectors and industries. We are constantly adapting the content to ensure it is applicable and relevant for you, whatever sector you work in.  

4. With our licencing options you can be part time, full time, or employed by your current organisation. This enables you to use our resources while still having the freedom to choose how you want to work with clients.  

5. We aren’t greedy, our coach training programme is priced at £1,895 and a fixed monthly support fee, is enough to get you motivated, but doesn’t increase as you grow. 

6. Finally, when you join Mindspan’s licencing program, you become part of a growing team that is continually developing new content and digital tools for coaching and training sessions. This ensures your clients always have access to fresh materials that will help them achieve their goals.  

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