Meet Nikki Senior

Nikki is a mother of two and an accomplished businesswoman, with extensive experience in the franchising, recruitment and pregnancy sectors. Driven by a fascination with the human mind, she spent 10 years studying a variety of personal development methods and tools.

During a challenging period in her own life, she turned her attention inwards and utilised the tools she’d been learning over the course of the last decade. Almost all methods and teachings bring us back to the same thing; Our subconscious mind runs the show, and there is something we can do about it.


With this realisation, Nikki engaged in personal coaching services, causing breakthroughs that have truly transformed her world for the better. Now, she is driven by a desire to share this transformative potential with her clients.

Nikki’s passion lies in facilitating profound breakthroughs, particularly for those navigating significant life changes. Through her exceptional coaching services, she equips individuals with practical techniques that foster resilience and confidence, empowering them to effectively manage stress. By employing Mindspan’s tried and tested systems and practical methods, Nikki’s clients discover the power to shatter negative patterns, rebuild their confidence, and embrace a world of endless possibilities.

Recognising the profound impact that a positive mindset can have on young minds, Nikki actively collaborates with schools. By nurturing the resilience and confidence of school-age children, as well as supporting their teachers and administrative staff, she is determined to shape the mental well-being of future generations. Imagine a world where our children grow into confident, loving and purposeful adults who can truly transform our world for the better!

Blogs By Nikki

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