Kevin Holland

Coach Profile: Kevin Holland

A passionate educator, leader and coach. Having worked in the educational sector for over 20 years a continual drive to give all stakeholders the knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve the very best possible is at the centre of my purpose.  Progressing from an Advanced skills Teacher in to a Director of Sports role in Twickenham Academy was the stepping stone to impacting wider than the classroom.  Working alongside international colleagues from Kunskapsskolan (Sweden) and 4 schools in the UK the pedagogy and philosophy for school improvement and curriculum design became the focus of a wide range of work.  Leading on to a role within Norfolk County Council as an education advisor covering a breadth of support for Norfolk and East Anglian schools.

Recently the opportunity to become the Director of the Schools Network for the International Centre for Educational enhancement at the University of Bolton has been a fantastic journey to impact more widely and be research led. As a current Chair of Governors the opportunity to robustly understand how a school works and the pressures that are unavoidable are a key part to the breadth of understanding within Kev’s skillset.

 “Empathetic listening unlocks the opportunity for personal progress of those who needed listening to.”


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