Emily Drake

Meet Emily Drake

Emily Drake is an accomplished entrepreneur with a passion for psychology, marketing, and personal development. After earning her degree in Psychology, she gained valuable experience working in various consumer psychology roles at top media agencies across multiple business fields including automotive, supermarkets, government, and consumer goods. This gave her a deep understanding of different corporate categories and business pressures.

Emily’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to found not one, but three successful businesses. As a Director in Mindspan, she helps people take control of their mindset and fulfill their potential. Her second business, 360 Enterprise, is a psychology-fueled marketing agency that specialises in helping businesses improve their operations and increase profitability. Lastly, Emily owns Good Vibe Print, a tech accessory e-commerce brand that offers trendy products designed to inspire positivity and growth.

Mindspan Director, Coach & Trainer

Driven by a desire to help individuals and businesses reach their full potential, Emily is a master of her craft, using her extensive experience and finely tuned skills to help her clients achieve success. Her unique perspective on behaviour and mindset has made her a highly sought-after personal development coach and marketing consultant.

Overall, Emily Drake is a visionary entrepreneur and leader, known for her passion, expertise, and commitment to helping others succeed. Her contributions to the business community have been significant and impactful, and she continues to be a driving force in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation