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We have been at the forefront of mindset, attitude and psychological development training for almost two decades and we can demonstrate the fundamental link between your psychology and your success. Our tried and tested formula delivers coaching and training programmes that will strongly impact your  performance and benefit the success of your organisation.

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If you want more engagement in the workplace, to build a dynamic sense of purpose within your organisation and create genuine self-leadership excellence, then we have a service to provide you with a real catalyst for long-term, habitual change.

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The Mindspan Triad

Through our continuing research we have found that highly successful people, people who consistently perform to high levels and people who are most happy & fulfilled have three strong psychologies.

This tried and tested formula is called the Mindspan Triad and it comprises of 3 Psychologies and 9 Thinking Competencies which are the framework for peak performance, success and fulfilment.

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Would you like to create your own business and achieve your true potential by helping others achieve theirs. Our Franchise package offers you the opportunity to join a team of highly motivated like-minded practitioners delivering life-changing training to organisations in the fields of employee engagement, leadership, sales and customer service.


Setting Goals and Living with Purpose

How much do you want a life of fulfilment? How much do you want to get the best out of yourself? Truly fulfilled and successful people are clear about what’s important to them, have a strong sense of purpose and set personal goals that drive their day to day activities. In life, business and sport, […]

Mindspan New Year Resolution Facts

Many people will be making New Year’s Resolutions! If you join the New Year’s Resolution band wagon you’ll be in good company, up to 50% of people in the UK make at least one resolution in January. But very few of those people will be faithful to them. Here are a number of resolution facts […]

Do you want higher performance and more fulfilment?

Are you like many people, working hard, rushing here and there, feeling as though you’re running on empty most of the time? I sense, meeting many thousands of people on my travels, that disturbingly high numbers  are investing high amounts of mental, emotional and physical energy for very little return most days of their life. […]

  • Adnams as an already a successful business was motivated to work with the team at Mindspan to understand how it can move personal and therefore team performance to yet another level. In an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, confidence and resilience are essential components that underpin both personal and team performance.  I am in no doubt Gavin and his team have been instrumental in providing the building blocks for individuals to reach their full potential whilst delivering our business goals.  This is great for them and great for Adnams.

    Dr Andy Wood Chief Executive, Adnams
  • Mindspan regularly provides a much-needed shot in the arm for our hard-working sales team. In turn the business continues to develop with a healthy competitive advantage, fine-tuned emotional awareness and clarity of thinking. Weekly bite-sized bursts of Mindspan has helped the team become more productive, more engaged, and goal driven. With this comes improved resilience which is an essential tool for any peak performing sales function.

    Andrew Bracking Head of Business, Cooper BMW
  • I think everyone found the Mindspan training fantastic and thank you for what you did. On a very personal level, I feel almost completely liberated….seriously every ounce of stress I had in my gut has evaporated! I had a very challenging discussion to handle this morning and positively looked forward to it because I knew it was the right thing to do and it was my choice to deal with it.

    Andrew Cook Head of Clinical Services, Spire Gatwick Park Hospital
  • The feedback following your involvement at our conference has been very positive, I think the term is ‘you hit the back of the net!’ Similarly I’ve had three days of individual consultation meetings with the European region team and the general view is that you’ve put perspective back into their perception of their issue and how they are dealing with it. So another goal! Thank you for the support.

    Marko Simic Human Resources Director, Volvo Construction Equipment
  • I found this programme to be extremely thought provoking and I have consciously made changes that have benefited both my work and home life. At home I have already made sweeping changes that involve healthier living and spending time on what is important.

    Adam Tarrington  Homeserve

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