Do you want higher performance and more fulfilment?

Are you like many people, working hard, rushing here and there, feeling as though you’re running on empty most of the time?

I sense, meeting many thousands of people on my travels, that disturbingly high numbers  are investing high amounts of mental, emotional and physical energy for very little return most days of their life. Because of the habitual nature of the human brain, the more we live like this…the more we’ll continue to live like this!

Whilst recognising whether ‘this is you’ is the first step to enlightened awareness there then comes the important question…how can you break this pattern?

After working in the field of mental performance and personal development for over fifteen years I recognise there are thousands of simple and complex answers from ‘experts’ in my field. In my view the answers are always in our head, it’s how we think about ourselves, our lives and the world around us that dictate whether we create performance health for ourselves and enjoy a high return on our energy (ROE).


The 9 Thinking Competencies to Develop:

In the Mindspan organisation we believe there are nine thinking competencies that are the foundation of our performance, success and fulfilment in life. Here is an overview of them to give you an idea of what you can start to work on…



Because of the directional nature of the brain it’s vital to stop focusing on what you don’t want (the brain can’t do a don’t) in your various life situations and to start focusing on what you do want. We tend to create more of what we focus on most.



We all limit ourselves and our performance based upon what we believe we are capable of and worthy of in life. Be kind to yourself, practise making your inner voice more positive and constructive and visualising yourself as successful. Commit to making this a daily habit and you will begin your journey towards healthy inner belief.



There’s very little, if anything, around us in life that we have full control over…so stop trying to control people and situations. What you do have more control over than you realise is YOU! Take responsibility for all your reactions and responses to others and the choices you make every day, all of these are down to you so strengthen your internal locus of control.



We all develop attitudes to many different things one of the most important of which is out attitude to life. Value time and life more highly, treat time as precious and spend it in worthwhile ways for you. Develop an attitude of gratitude towards your most precious resource…time.


CLARITY – Many people put little thought into life and drift quite aimlessly through the decades. Spend time thinking about what you really want, about what you value most. What does a life really worth living look like to you…get clarity.



When life lacks meaning it usually denotes a lack of purpose. Use your newfound clarity to define inspiring and engaging outcomes that you feel passionate about creating for you and your loved ones. Create the energy that helps you to jump out of bed in the morning excited about your purposeful day ahead of you.



Stresses and frustrations appear to be on the increase for many people in life and whilst these emotions in moderation can often serve us well, at high levels we can become unhealthy, helpless and toxic. All your emotions are a consequence of your thinking, your attitudes and your mindset. To change your emotions…you need to use your modern brain to change your thoughts.



To varying degrees human beings have a need for connection, a need to feel understood. You do…and so does everyone else. By developing a greater genuine empathy for others you not only meet one of their deepest human needs…you establish a deeper connection and higher quality relationship.



Part of our daily interaction with others is our desire to influence them to do what we’d like them to do and to behave how we’d like them to behave. All of this is usually in the pursuit of giving us what we want. The most effective way of influencing others to help you create what you want is to help them create what they want in the process.


Despite lots of effort is your team still not getting the best out of the resources available?

Do you want to get more from your career or your life in general?

How developed are these competencies within you and your team?