We are all experiencing a degree of Performance Sickness and a degree of Performance Health in our lives. How ‘sick’ or ‘healthy’ we are varies from person to person and organisation to organisation. Please read each of the following statements and score yourself using the scale provided. There are no right or wrong answers so be HONEST with yourself in your responses.


Your HONESTY will help you to learn about yourself and enable us to provide valuable information and feedback that is helpful to you.


Question Never Rarely Sometimes Often Consistently
I am open minded about others and their views
I know what people's needs are
I am able to concentrate on what's most important at the time
I spend time learning and developing myself
I set well constructed goals for myself in work
What I do, I do willingly and with commitment
I focus positively in situations on what I want to achieve
I am empathetic towards others
I eat well and undertake activities that make me healthy
I know what I value in my life and what's most important to me
I regularly visualise what I want to achieve
I adopt positive beliefs for myself about my capabilities
I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and doing new things
I take responsibility for my choices (do not blame others for what I do)
I sleep well
I am proactive in changing things in my life that I want to improve
I perform to a high level in my life roles
I receive lots of willing cooperation from other people
I consider setbacks as an opportunity for personal growth
I have a healthy work/life balance
I spend my energies wisely on things that give me the life I want
I am a happy and fulfilled person
I am a highly confident person
I am patient with people and a good listener
I spend time considering what I want out of life
I experience the emotions I most want to feel
I help people to feel valued
I praise myself when I do things well
I perform to a high level in my work roles
I have real clarity about what I want to achieve
I take responsibility for my reactions and responses to others
I am clear about what to do to create the outcomes I want
I am grateful for the time I am given daily
I treat time as precious resource that I spend wisely
I know how well different areas of my life are functioning
I have strong, positive influence with people
I have a genuine interest in people
I am an optimistic person
I deal with situations and people in a way that limits my stress
I positively expect things to go well
People readily offer to help me
I feel calm and in control of my life and what I do
I manage my emotional state well
I appreciate the great number of things I have in my life that are good
Whatever I'm doing I accept it's my choice to do it
I set well constructed goals for myself in life
I feel able to handle the challenges that life gives me
I start the day with a positive attitude
I work hard to understand people
I am clear about the choices I need to make to give me the life I want