Are You Too Stressed?

Are you too stressed?

It’s amazing recently just how many individuals, teams and organisations I’ve worked with who are living and working in a state of high stress, frustration or even anger.

Now, I’m a believer that EVERY emotion we have the potential to experience, nature has evolved for a reason. EVERY different emotion can assist us in our lives if we are experiencing it at a helpful time and at an appropriate level of intensity. For example, getting frustrated about a situation in our lives can sometimes drive us to take action to deal with a problem to improve things.

However, as my recent experiences have highlighted, I think too many people are experiencing too much stress at far too high intensity levels and this is negatively impacting their enjoyment of their life, their job and they are paying a health price for this too!

There are challenges for many of us these days in the world we live in so I’m not suggesting for one minute that life is always easy. In actual fact, it is because there are many perceived challenges out there that I believe it’s so important that we manage our emotions more successfully. You may well agree with my point here but probably also ask…

”How do I do this?”

Based on the Mindspan principles we teach there is only one really sustainable way that we can navigate through life in an emotionally more successful way and that’s by managing our THINKING!

Every emotion we experience is the direct result of something we are doing in our heads, the way we are thinking at that precise moment in time. Humans are what I call ‘meaning machines’, we give everything in our lives meaning… people, situations, experiences and more. The meaning we give something (the way we think about it) creates our emotional response to it.

The major learning point for us all here is that every emotion YOU are experiencing YOU are creating with YOUR thinking. I encourage you to really work at managing your thinking in your day to day life. Think in ways that allow you to handle the challenges around you, reduce your stress levels and produce more of the emotions that you want to fill your life with!

Next time you’re starting to stress yourself in an unhelpful way ask yourself what I call, the thinking question…

“How do I want to think about this?”