Setting Goals and Living with Purpose

How much do you want a life of fulfilment? How much do you want to get the best out of yourself? Truly fulfilled and successful people are clear about what’s important to them, have a strong sense of purpose and set personal goals that drive their day to day activities.

In life, business and sport, you need much more than to just hope or wish for certain things to happen, you need BELIEF in your abilities and a strong DESIRE that creates the personal motivation to take action…to make things happen. At Mindspan Global we’ve spent nearly two decades looking at the key elements of goal setting that maximise our ability to shape the outcomes we really desire.  From this continuing research we’ve created and tested the Mindspan 4×4 Method and results show that when people commit to this methodology over sustained periods of time, their success rate improves.

Let me share this methodology with you now…

 When setting your goals, in order to maximise your potential to achieve, it is important to adopt the…

 ‘Mindspan 4×4 Method’

Always WRITE your goals as this ‘fires up’ neural pathways in your brain as you do so. Ensure they are written in the following way…

  1. Personally (include the word ‘I’, ‘my’ or ‘me’)
  2. Expressed in the present tense
  3. With the outcome or process clearly defined
  4. Including the date you are planning to have achieved it by

Once written, always identify the first few actions you are going to take to begin the journey of making your goal a reality.

Also, because it is crucial to focus on your goals we recommend that you read/say them to yourself everyday for three minutes when you first awaken in the morning and for three minutes last thing at night just before you go to bed. This enhances your focus on them and embeds them over time into your sub-conscious mind.

Whilst writing your goals and positively focusing on them daily is important in creating your success based psychology, the real fuel for your achievement comes from ensuring you EMOTIONALISE your goals with…

  • Your positive self-talk…talk to yourself and others positively about your goal and your ability
  • Your regular positive visualisation…every day imagine yourself at the point of achievement…’see yourself being successful’. This is easier when you write goals in the present tense
  • Your positive belief…you need positive belief in your ability to achieve
  • Your strong desire…create a strong ‘why’ you want this

Here are a couple of examples for you…

It is September 2018 and I weigh ………………….. I feel healthy, vibrant and have higher energy levels than I’ve had for years.

It is August 2018 and I have received my exam results. I feel exhilarated having achieved my target of…………………….. meaning I’ve have secured my place at university.

 Your goals can be based across any areas of your life such as: personal performance, health, fitness, career, family, business, leisure, finance, travel, giving, charity etc.

 Use positive emotion when reading or thinking about your goals.

One of the most powerful stimulants for unlocking creativity and ideas is emotion. It is important to feel positive emotions and to believe in your ability to succeed…feel that buzz of excitement you will experience when you achieve that goal in reality – Strong belief and desire stimulate the mind to find a way!