The way you think is the golden key that unlocks your true potential.

Everything we teach at Mindspan is underpinned by the fundamental ability you have to constructively impact the way you think, thus driving your emotional and behavioural activity to increase your ability to succeed.

The Mindspan modular learning system allows us to positively impact your specific areas of improvement by combining our 3 Psychologies and 9 Thinking Competencies in a unique and highly impactful sequence.

SELF Psychology

Where’s yours?
With so many things competing for your attention each day, it’s no wonder you struggle to stay on task. What could you really achieve if your consistent focus was pointing you in the right direction?


If you think you can or think you can’t, either way you’re probably right.
Like others, you have limiting beliefs but you also have the ability to create a level of self-belief that can allow you to achieve the goals you set in your career and life.


Are you really making the choices that are best for you, your career, and your life?
Taking genuine responsibility for yourself demonstrates the highest level of emotional maturity and is a most liberating place to be.

LIFE Psychology

Your attitude to life will either inhibit your performance or allow you to flourish.
Does it feel like time is passing you by? Your attitude to time will determine how you make the most of the variety of life’s opportunities available to you.


What do you really want from life? Do you really know?
In years to come, when you reflect on what you’ve achieved, do you want to look back and say ‘that was a life well spent – I really did something with my time’ .


You’ve tried and failed a number of times but you still want to achieve…
How much energy have you already invested without true direction and destination? If you had a proven framework towards success, why wouldn’t you take it?

WORLD Psychology

Not all stress is unhelpful – the question is how much stress will you allow in your daily life?
Are you experiencing more of the emotions you want to feel or is stress and frustration sabotaging your life all too often?


When was the last time you felt genuinely understood?
A disconnected workforce is costing your business – can you afford not to change that? Improving meaningful communication releases massive benefits at work.


Think for a moment….how many people have you already needed to influence this week?
Your ability to influence other people will have a major impact on your own level of success. Are you getting willing co-operation from those around you?