Fire Up Your Performance

Lewis Hamilton has recently secured another F1 Championship after a season long battle with Sebastian Vettel. They have both been driving amazingly engineered cars in races where 10ths or even 100ths of a second make a big difference in terms of performance and success.

They and their engineers are trying to get the maximum out of every resource they have available to them.

Whilst most of us don’t drive F1 cars we do probably own a vehicle. Have you ever noticed people who like to talk about cars usually champion a specific aspect of a particular brands design?

Its performance.

As in how quickly the car can accelerate from 0-60mph, its top speed, engine capacity and torque.

It’s all about the power that lurks, unseen, under the bonnet.

It’s all very macho and ultimately meaningless as, even if your car is a top of the range Ferrari, you’re never going to be able to legally drive it at over 70mph anyway. It’s like owning a book of sketches by Michelangelo and keeping them in the loft.

Performance is King in our car world but unlike in F1, its power has been emasculated.

Yet we can all still talk about performance and do as much with it as we like, utilise it in a world where there are no limitations, rules and regulations that hold things back.

Performance to call our own and the potential that lurks, all too often unseen, under our own bonnets.

So where does our personal performance begin?

It’s at least similar to that of the car in one way i.e. it’s about the power that lays within us, waiting to be sparked into life. It’s a deep, internal energy that connects with our heart and gives us hope, drive, passion and ambition.

All too often we allow ourselves to be too easily influenced by the external environment we live our day to day lives in. Our mood, behaviour and thinking is swayed by our work, family and friends else those myriad little things that impact upon us each and every day.

The train is running late. We’re overdrawn at the bank. The children are playing up-again. The weather has ruined our plans.

The list can go on and on and the very real truth of it is that the combination of all these external factors that, in the main, have nothing whatsoever to do with us we allow to impact our thinking and what we become, we live like the world we feel around us.

Stilted, held back, restricted. And often very unhappy with it.

In other words, we let the performance of others influence our own. We’re in a personal traffic jam-stuck and unmoving with little to no prospect of going anywhere.

Isn’t it time to stop letting those external factors stop you from getting from where you want to go?

Start to think about your own personal performance and what it can do for you rather than that of others and what theirs does to you.

Because personal performance begins within. Disregard the clutter and everything that goes with it-other people, places, situations. And focus on you.

Where do you want to go?

Who and what we want to be and what we want to achieve lies within us. Think of the car again. It doesn’t matter how sleek it looks or how beautiful its design, racing line and colour is. If it doesn’t have a comparable power unit under its bonnet, it’s nothing.

And neither are you unless you fire up your own individual power, your performance, in the same way.

Move away from the thinking that affects your head and connect with your heart.

Focus on what you want. Say it, live it, believe it. See it. Your life is yours to live and not one that you should allow others to negatively influence. I’ve written before about how we need to focus on where we want to go plus how we are going to get there. Start the life journey you want at its destination and see where it takes you.

Once you start to perform, to ignite what lies within you, you’ll be surprised at what can happen and not only how it happens for you but how others react too.

Try it today. See where you end up.